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UBC Reports | Vol. 47 | No. 16 | October 18, 2001

Faculty, staff echo support for academic freedom


As individual faculty members, instructors or staff members working at the University of British Columbia, we strongly endorse the UBC administration's support of academic freedom.

Our colleague, Dr. Sunera Thobani, like any faculty member, has the right to express her views on the effects of American foreign policy and globalization.

Informed and critical discussion of issues arising from the events of Sept. 11 needs to take place on campus and in the community without censorship or intimidation.

The brief remarks extracted from Dr. Thobani's speech were taken out of context, and she is certainly not the first or only person to express this critique.

We commend Dr. Thobani for having the courage to make a public contribution to this important debate.

Prof. Ashok Aklujkar, Asian Studies; Asst. Prof. Lenora Angeles, SCARP, Women's Studies; Asst. Prof. Karen Bartlett, Occupational and Environmental Hygiene; Sadhu Binning, Asian Studies; Fay Blaney, Women's Studies; Prof. Peter Boothroyd, SCARP; Prof. Mandakranta Bose, Institute of Asian Research, Women's Studies; Prof. Susan Boyd, Law; Yvonne Brown, Teacher Education; Asst. Prof. Ruth Buchanan, Law; Asst. Prof. Shauna Butterwick, Educational Studies; Assoc. Prof. Gillian Creese, Anthropology and Sociology; Prof. Robert DeWreede, Botany; Catherine Edwards, Pacific Educational Press; Prof. Susanna Egan, English; Angela Fleury, Women's Studies; Prof. Anthony Glass, Botany; Asst. Prof. Mona Gleason, Educational Studies; Prof. John Grace, Chemical Engineering; Prof. Sherrill Grace, English; Prof. Sneja Gunew, Women's Studies, English; Assoc. Prof. Ronald Hatch; Assoc. Prof. Tineke Hellwig, Asian Studies, Women's Studies; Marsha Henry, Women's Studies; Prof. Nicholas Hudson, English; Prof. Graham Johnson, Anthropology and Sociology; Patricia Kachuk, Anthropology and Sociology; Assoc. Prof. Arminee Kazanjian, Health Care and Epidemiology; Assoc. Prof. Deirdre Kelly, Educational Studies; Prof. Susan Kennedy, Health Care and Epidemiology; Jennifer Klenz, Botany; Keiho Kozumi, Asian Studies; Huimin Lin, Asian Studies; Ann McKinnon, Women's Studies; William McMichael, Language And Literacy Education; Shelley Moore, Women's Studies; Marina Morrow, Women's Studies; Catherine Nelson-McDermott, English; Assoc. Prof. Bonnie Norton, Language And Literacy Education; Assoc. Prof. Sharalyn Orbaugh, Asian Studies, Women's Studies; Asst. Prof. Stephen Petrina, Curriculum Studies; Prof. Geraldine Pratt, Geography; Prof. Jerilyn Prior, Endocrinology; Prof. Valerie Raoul, Women's Studies, French; Assoc. Prof. Leslie Roman, Educational Studies; Ellen Rosenberg, Botany; Assoc. Prof. Becki Ross, Anthropology and Sociology, Women's Studies; Assoc. Prof. Maureen Ryan, Fine Arts; Dorothy Seaton, Women's Studies; Prof. Peter Seixas, Curriculum Studies; Prof. Veronica Strong-Boag, Educational Studies, Women's Studies; Assoc. Prof. Catherine Swatek, Asian Studies; Sandra Taylor, Earth and Ocean Sciences; Anona Thorne, Health Care and Epidemiology; Fumiko Watai, Asian Studies; Prof. Lorraine Weir, English; Prof. Claire Young, Law


Last reviewed 22-Sep-2006

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