Volume 46 | Number 1 | Jan. 13, 2002

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Close the gap, presidents say

B.C.'s university presidents are calling on the provincial government to close a $54 million system-wide funding gap which they say is eroding the quality of university education in British Columbia.

New look launches new year

The first issue of the year 2000 marks the debut of a new UBC Reports.

No plans for 'human' robots, says expert

Remember the popular cartoon series The Jetsons with Rosie the Robot? Well, even now in the 21st century, a UBC robotics expert rules out expecting a robot maid in your home anytime soon.

Ground-breaking program centred on student choices

In only its second year, the Integrated Sciences Program (ISP) has garnered strong support from students and faculty alike, spawning a student association devoted to the program and winning high praise from participants for its flexible and highly interactive teaching approach.

Innovative educator chosen as new dean

Robert Tierney, an internationally renowned and innovative educator, has been named dean of Education at the University of British Columbia. His selection follows an extensive national and international search and broad community consultation.

UBC, TELUS form strategic alliance

The University of British Columbia and TELUS have agreed to a five-year strategic alliance to support communications research and provide telecommunications services to the university.

Community team explores alternatives to adversaries

The complaints are commonplace and long-standing: our adversarial approach to resolving legal disputes is too costly, too slow and emotionally draining. Many litigants find the process mystifying, disempowering and unfair.

Program aims to sound lost chord for children

"It's unique and long overdue," says Peter Gouzouasis, associate professor in Music Education, as he does the Hokey-Pokey with a handful of toddlers. Strewn across the floor are hula-hoops and shakers, guitars and cassette decks, parents and children. As he puts his right foot in and shakes it all about, he explains the Music Preparatory Program for Children and Youth he is establishing at UBC.

Lectures help bring science down to earth

The ever-popular Science First! lectures resume today with a lecture by John Robinson, director of the Sustainable Development Research Institute, which will explore climate change and sustainability. The hour-long session begins at 12:30 p.m. in Room 100 of the Wesbrook Building.