Community input sought for UBC vision UBC Reports
April 16, 1998

Community input sought for UBC vision

by Gavin Wilson
Staff writer

A draft "green paper" that outlines the basis of UBC's vision for the 21st century is being circulated for discussion both on campus and in the greater community.

The green paper, the first draft of the university's new vision statement, was developed following extensive consultation with members of the university community, UBC alumni and the general public.

"We've spent the last several months listening to what people have to say about their university, the role UBC plays in their lives and in their communities. The green paper reflects to a great extent what we've heard," said UBC President Martha Piper.

UBC is redefining its vision in light of societal changes such as increasing globalization, the rapid expansion of information technology and the growing integration of academic fields of study. The ultimate goal is to become Canada's finest public university.

"Our predecessors had a vision for UBC, and more importantly, they had the courage -- through the Great Trek of 1922 -- to enact that vision," Piper said. "I believe that today, to some degree, we have the same opportunity to create and enact a vision for UBC that will have as much impact on our second 100 years as the Great Trek had on our first."

The green paper identifies five major goals:

Each goal is integrated with certain defining principles. There are 34 strategies associated with the goals.

The green paper was the focus of a campus forum held April 3 in the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.

About 200 members of the university community gathered to hear presentations from Piper and a panel made up of Vivian Hoffmann, president of the Alma Mater Society, Robert Blake, president of the Faculty Association, Sarah Dench, president of the Association of Administrative and Professional Staff, and community consultant Judy Kirk.

A meeting downtown was held later that day for members of the Community Advisory Council. These representatives of government, business, labor and cultural groups are also providing input as the university develops a new vision. This was their second of three meetings.

As well, Piper recently traveled to Victoria, Prince George, Kamloops and Kelowna seeking input from representatives of the provincial and municipal governments, the presidents of post-secondary institutions, business leaders, high school students and UBC alumni.

Comments on the green paper should be received by mid-May. The campus and community consultations will culminate in the creation of a vision statement which will be drafted by mid-June. It will go to the university Senate and Board of Governors for approval in September and October.

Copies of the green paper are available at the President's Office and on the World Wide Web at

Comments about the contents of the green paper can be made by e-mail to, fax 604-822-5055 or by writing to: The President`s Office, University of British Columbia, 6328 Memorial Road, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z2.