UBC Reports
October 16, 1997

Botanist, chemists win top prizes for work in their fields

Botany Prof. Anthony Griffiths received the Genetics Society of Canada Award of Excellence.

In addition to his research on Neurospora plasmids, Griffiths is seriously concerned with teaching at the undergraduate level and in schools. He is senior author of the top-selling genetics textbook, Introduction to Genetic Analysis, now in its sixth edition. He is also on the board of directors of the Association for the Promotion and Advancement of Science Education (APASE), a non-profit organization that focuses on science and environmental education at the elementary level.

Griffiths is currently secretary of the International Genetics Federation.

Chemistry Prof. Brian James has received the E.W.R. Steacie Award in Chemistry for distinguished contributions to the field.

James' research interests focus on the utilization of cheap and abundant common gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon monoxide. In the presence of suitable metal-based catalysts in solution (so-called homogeneous catalysts), the gases react with organic compounds and can generate, for example, materials of value such as pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.

Chemistry Prof. Don Douglas has received the Fisher Scientific Award for his contributions to analytical chemistry and particularly to mass spectrometry. He has also been elected a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada. Douglas holds the NSERC-SCIEX Industrial Chair in the Dept. of Chemistry.

His current research interests include new techniques in mass spectrometry for determination of trace elements, new instrumentation for mass spectrometry and the development of new mass spectrometric methods for the study of structures of biomolecules.