Nadine Caron

Nadine Caron -- the first aboriginal woman to graduate from UBC's Faculty of Medicine -- volunteers her time to travel to remote communities throughout British Columbia, where she encourages First Nations school kids to further their education.

Sundiep Tehara

For a long time, Sundiep Tehara believed that engineers built bridges. Period.

Rocky Bozak

On Tuesday nights, when other students were hitting the books or meeting a friend at Starbucks, Rocky Bozak was among a group of dentistry students performing volunteer work at the Reach Community Health Centre Dental Clinic on Vancouver's East side.

Debra Parkes

Law graduate Debra Parkes' academic career has taken her from the ivy-covered colleges of Oxford University to a maximum security penitentiary in Saskatchewan.

Jay McNee

One week after Jay McNee graduates with a PhD in Geochemical Oceanography, he will celebrate the first anniversary of Lorax Environmental Services Ltd., a consulting company that he and two partners founded.

Karen Mountifield

Karen Mountifield knew UBC was going to be her alma mater long before graduating from high school in Toronto.

Lenny Joe

Some years ago, while playing junior hockey in Hobbema, Alta., Lenny Joe came to the realization that his path did not lie in the pursuit of a career in the National Hockey League and the material wealth that could come with it

Judy Spunt

Judy Spunt wants to make sure people get the right idea about her.

Spunt, among the first graduates of UBC's revamped Master of Business and Administration program, is now working for Andersen Consulting. But she's quick to point out that there's much more to her life than work.

Evan Lee

Evan Lee is a Fine Arts graduate whose outlets for artistic expression include painting, drawing, photography, and playing in a band called Orphan.

Rosalie Starzomski

As an ethics consultant at Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre, Rosalie Starzomski is regularly confronted with ethical dilemmas. And, as a nurse with a background in transplant nursing and nephrology -- the science of the structure and function of the kidney -- she is acutely aware of the ethical dilemmas concerning organ transplantation.

Jackie Teed

Jackie Teed found a way to channel her creative instincts into a practical field when she enrolled in Landscape Architecture, a program within the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.

Bernard Leung

Bernard Leung joins a long list of health care professionals in his family. He is proud to be the only pharmacist.

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