Gap not filled says reader


The "Free dental clinic fills gap for needy kids" article (UBC Reports, May 1), is an example of where the use of language fails to tell the whole truth.

The word "gap" has many meanings, including that of "... make up deficiency; (Oxford)", but the UBC dental clinic via the Ministry of Health is not doing it: 2,000 needy teenagers from all over the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley are to get one month's free dental care. How does this fill the gap of these kids' needs? It doesn't even make a dent to address their needs.

First consider the number of teenagers. In one day anyone could find more than 2,000 teens in need of dental care in the neighbourhood of Grandview Woodlands. To find them is like spitting on the sidewalk. Now consider what one month's dental care would include for all 2,000. Would they get one maybe two teeth filled and a cleaning? Whoopee. After 14 to 16 years of having insufficient dental care this offer is the equivalent of giving a homeless person a blanket during a winter storm.

It's high time the Ministry of Health and all the professions under its auspices started walking their talk. When they do we won't have articles such as this one touting accolades to people who are merely slapping other people in the face.

Alison Cameron

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