Committee invites input on Faculty Club

The Advisory Committee on the Faculty Club continues to examine the feasibility of re-opening the former Faculty Club as a financially viable university gathering place.

The committee met seven times in January and with the help of outside experts has been studying various operating options. The committee agrees the facility would not be viable as it was operated in the past and that a sound financial plan must include new weekend and evening business to generate new revenue.

Jacquie Rice, chair of the committee, will be presenting an interim report to the university Board of Governors on Feb. 6. The committee has been asked to prepare a final report for the March 20 board meeting.

The committee was originally formed by the university administration in response to a Board of Governor's directive dated Dec. 12, 1996 which stated "The board requests the administration to prepare a development program and cost estimates to determine whether the Faculty Club building can be re-opened as a financially viable university gathering place with respect to both its operating and capital budget."

The committee would like to gather more information and input from across the campus community and is planning to conduct a survey. In addition, new members have been added to the committee: Tony Fogarassy, legal adviser; Ruth Smith, secretary to the dean of Medicine; Asst. Prof. Linda Stanley, Education; and Prof. David Walker, Chemistry.

If the Board of Governors approves re-establishing the facility as a university gathering place, a full consultation process will take place before use of the building is finalized. If you are interested in contributing your views to the committee and would like a copy of the survey, please contact Lyn Manning at 822-2455 or via e-mail at