The name of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science will be changed to the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Senate approved the change Jan. 16.

Department Head Robert Donaldson said the change was made to delineate more clearly the department's role and activities, especially in computer engineering. During the past several years, more than half of the 400 undergraduate students enrolled in the Electrical Engineering Dept. opted for the computer engineering program.

Research in computer engineering ranges from very detailed device design to high levels of abstraction in electronic hardware, software and systems design and analysis. A substantial number of graduate students are involved in aspects of computer engineering research.

Five full-time equivalent engineering faculty members work directly in computer engineering and several others work in closely related areas. A search for additional computer engineering faculty members continues.

UBC, in partnership with Queen's University, the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario, is offering a first in cooperative international education: the Canadian University Study Abroad Program (CUSAP).

Based at the International Study Centre at Herstmonceaux Castle in East Sussex, England, the program marks a new direction in undergraduate student education in Canada.

"This program is unique in that it provides an opportunity for UBC students to study in Europe for one or two semesters, with the assurance that the courses taken can all be applied toward a UBC degree," said Sidney Mindess, associate vice-president, Academic.

In addition to courses designed primarily for third- and fourth-year students in humanities, social sciences, law or business, an English as a Second Language program will run concurrently during the academic year and a first-year option will also be available, featuring small seminar classes and an internationally focused curriculum.

UBC and its founding partners will be responsible for program development, student recruitment and staffing.

Discussions are currently underway with univerisites in Quebec and the Maritimes to expand national membership in the program.

Students are being invited to apply to CUSAP for the 1997/98 academic year. For more information, call Thevi Pather, UBC's student exchange program coordinator at 822-9613.